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How Vintage English Transferware Saved Nancy Roberts From Financial Hardship (VIDEO)

WATCH: How These Plates Saved A Woman From Financial Hardship

Though it can date back to the early 1700s, English transferware has become a hot item on the vintage marketplace. (If you have any, it might be the right time to sell.) Nancy Roberts, who runs the English Transferware store on Etsy, fell in love with the lovely patterned plates years ago. But it was financial hardship that inspired her to turn her passion into a business. Watch the video to find out how foreclosure had created this opportunity -- and to see Roberts' now-huge collection of transferware.

If you have any transferware in your home, check to see if you have any yellow versions. According to Country Living, this is the rarest color and can command four-figure prices. Also, always check the pattern marks on the bottom of the piece. This will guide you in determining age and value. Transferware Collectors Hub has a huge pattern and source database (though requires a paid membership to access), but a little Google sleuthing can also help you find out more about your particular piece.