Enjoy Your Body

Your body was made to be enjoyed.

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Every luscious, fleshy, curvy inch of you is begging to be celebrated. All those bumps, dimples, and scars are evidence of using your body the way that it was intended to be used―as a vehicle for enjoying your life!

Our bodies are incredible creations. They carry strength, and grace, and intelligence that we can leverage to become the women that we want to be, inside and out.

They are the source of all life, and the source of our life. Without our bodies, and the life force they carry, we cease to exist. You are not your body, but you are never without your body. The two are inextricably linked.

That’s why how you treat your body affects every part of who you are, not just your exterior. When you treat your body well, you are expressing appreciation for your body, but that also translates to an appreciation for who you are beyond your flesh.

Treating your body well means listening to the information your body is giving you and responding accordingly, by giving it rest, hydration, and movement when it is asked for. Treating your body well means transforming your relationship with your body, so that you’re no longer engaged in endless efforts to change your body, and punish yourself.

This type of mentality amounts to a relationship of violence with your body (read more on that here if that sounds jarring to you). Instead, you can reframe your approach to things like dieting and exercise, so that it becomes about taking amazing care of your body and showing your body love through movement.

These ways that you take care of your body amount to an overall happier, healthier, more full amplitude version of you. Transforming your relationship with your body transforms your whole experience as a person, and allows you to fully enjoy the body that you have.

When you give yourself permission to enjoy your body, you give yourself permission to enjoy your life. You don’t have to worry about hiding it, or masking it, or apologizing for it. Let them see.

Because maybe, that’s what someone else needs in order to feel like they have permission to enjoy their body, too. Your lack of shame, or modesty, or apology is like an invitation to other women to join the party.

That body of yours? It’s perfect, just as it is. And it’s there to be enjoyed, so don’t waste it.

Check out the #healthyatanysize community to find support and connect with other women who are working on this, too!

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