20 Things From Amazon That'll Help You Exercise With Your Dog More

Because it's more fun to workout when you're with your best friend.

Exercise is equally important for both you and your dog. Yes, there’s always the standard daily walk, but there’s so much more out there if you’re looking to take your workouts to the next level.

We’ve found an at-home agility course, a doggie treadmill, a hands-free bicycle leash and more products that will help you and your dog reach your fitness goals (while still having fun). Check them out below.

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A hands-free bungee dog leash
You can wear this around your waist. Let your pup set the pace for your walks, runs or hikes — or lead the way!

Promising review: "If you run, hike or bike with your dog regularly you NEED this leash in your life! It is the absolute best! My 3 y/o 80lb labradoodle is a very active boy and likes to go everywhere we go. It's hard to keep up with his exercise needs with my own two legs, I wanted a leash that would allow me to ride my bike and this is great for that! Being hands-free is amazing." — Kate Mahoney

Price: $22.97 (available in 11 colors)
A ball launcher
You'll have your dog running back and forth while giving your arm a killer workout. (Biceps? Triceps? All of the above.)

Promising review: "One of the best fetch toys out there. Exercises your dog, launches the ball far effortlessly, and can easily spot the orange ball. My 8-year-old boxer who is an obsessive-compulsive fetcher absolutely loves this." — Rintje

Price: $6.07
An extendable wand rope toy
Use this to make your daily dog walks more exciting for you and your pup.

Promising review: "These are wonderful for exercising your pup. My dog (10 months) goes and gets it and begs me to play with him. It's fun and he gets lots of exercise running and jumping." — Juliet Hart

Price: $22.99 (comes with two chew toys)
A hands-free bicycle leash
So your dog can join the fun of your neighborhood bike rides. It's suitable for all bike models and will keep your doggo safe with a stainless steel guide pole.

Promising review: "This product is helping me get back in shape! This bike leash has significantly reduced my dog's ability to knock me off my balance, which was a daily occurrence before. I highly recommend this leash." — DJ G.

Price: $26.99
A durable, waterproof soccer ball
You and your dog can start your own at-home FIFA tournament.

Promising review: "My dog loves to play ball especially with this because he can easily grab it and run. He loves when you chase him around and try to take his ball. Very well made." — Zoe

Price: $15.99 (available in three colors)
An outdoor hanging bungee dog toy
This will give your dog a full-body workout. You can get involved too — grab the other end for a game of tug of war!

Promising review: "My 8-month-old American bully loves this! Great installation instructions and extremely easy to set up! He’ll be able to get a lot of exercise from this!" — Lesa Danielson

Price: $29.99
A set of waterproof, all-season flying discs
Get you and your pups running in the yard, at the beach and everywhere in between.

Promising review: "We love this disc and a pack of five is perfect for endless throwing abilities! We have a high energy weim-lab mix who is obsessed with playing frisbee. Good durability, wonderful visibility, and harm-free catching equals tons of fun for our dog and us!" — Chelsie

Price: $14.99 (also available in a five-pack)
A dog carrier backpack
Perfect for the tiny pups who want to join in on your adventures! Use this hiking, skiing, biking, walking or even dancing. The possibilities are endless!

Promising review: "Best decision I have ever made for my dogs, seriously life-changing! Thanks to this pack, me and my dogs all get more exercise. I tell people daily when I'm out walking the trails how much I love it!" — Jamie Thomsen

Price: $54.95 (different in four sizes and four colors)
A glow-in-the-dark harness
You'll be able to get your steps in early in the morning or at night when you have this.

Promising review: "I have two large dogs who need lots of exercise, and we often walk late at night or early morning. I bought one of these harnesses three years ago just to check it out. Loved it so much I immediately bought another. Whenever we walk in the dark, they are each wearing one. We've done this for three years constantly." — Watery M

Price: $59.95 (available in four sizes)
A pair of ultra bouncy, durable balls
These will level up your fetch game. These balls float and are light enough to throw long distances.

Promising review: "We have a lumbering Great Dane/Boxer and an energizer bunny Jack Russell/Border Collie. They both adore this ball! These are great for fetching, they float in water, they have a good bounce to them, and they hold up to a lot of intense chewing. If you have a mouthy dog, a chewer, or a fetch fanatic, this is your toy. Get several — you won't regret it!" — Amanda

Price: $6.69+ (for a pack of two; available in three colors)
A reflective, adjustable life vest
You and your pup can become canoeing and kayaking voyagers with this.

Promising review: "I needed to get my dog in the local lake for some swimming exercise. This is easy to get on and off of him, adjust to size, keep him afloat, and priced within my budget. It gives you peace of mind when you are in or around the water with your best canine friend." — nanjking

Price: $16.99+ (available in five sizes and 10 colors)
A doggie treadmill
Your pupper won't feel left out of your home workout sesh.

Promising review: "I love how compact the DogPacer is! With the side panels removed, you hardly notice it. It's relatively quiet and the track is plenty long enough for 50–65-lb dogs. Controls are simple and quick. Well worth the price!" — M.K.

Price: $558.75
An outdoor obstacle course
With this, both you and your dog can get active outside. Build each other's agility by playing hide-and-seek, chase, fetch and more!

Promising review: "This is an awesome beginner agility set. You can set it up easily for the height you need and it is easy to put into the grass. I love that everything comes packed into two bags you can easily carry on your shoulder. They are light. Great set! Colorful and looks sturdy! Plus, you get to be physically active and have fun with your dogs, while they get physical and mental exercise, which they need!" — John L. Schieffer III

Price: $60.99
A balance disc cushion
If you have a senior dog, you need this. The subtle wobble motion of these cushions helps to activate stabilizing muscles — great for rehabilitation or physical therapy!

Promising review: "The pet balance disc worked so well we ended up buying a second one! We really love it and so does our dog." — Jason M.

Price: $39.99
A smart pet collar
Your dog shouldn't be left out of the FitBit club. This collar tracks your dog's location and activity levels and also notifies you when they leave home and reach their goals.

Promising review: "Overall, l give this product the five stars. l was mostly interested in this as a tracker for a wayward pupper, but it does much more than this as it also tracks her fitness and general health. I would definitely purchase this item again." — Bruce E. Mitchell

Price: $99.95
A dog fitness ring
This is lightweight, safe on your pets' teeth and perfect to take outside to get more active together.

Promising review: "Best toy ever! My dog LOVES this thing! It’s lightweight so he can toss it, run with it and it’s so durable we can even tug with it. Will be buying a few more just in case he loses it." — Amazon Customer

Price: $16.99
Some paw wax
Protect your pup's feet on trickier climbing trails, walks and terrain of any kind. Plus, it's made of all-natural food-grade waxes and oils!

Promising review: "As the owner of a 60+ pound Catahoula who demands daily exercise the fact it's snowing or people who put rock salt down cannot deter me or him from our daily hour-long walks. So, the next best solution was that Musher's Wax. It's perfect. I cannot rate this product highly enough." — Shannon Lew

Price: $14.99
A travel backpack
Fill this (with this weight even distributed on both sides), so your dog can feel involved with your backpacking, trekking or camping trip.

Promising review: "Great pack for my dog, I bought the large for my 90+ pound German shepherd. Mainly bought it for exercise, add weight to the pockets on walks and during play time. I like to take him on hikes with me, plenty of room for food, bags, water, treats etc. Overall great product, high quality material and stitching." — David Rubio

Price: $35.98+ (available in two sizes and three colors)
An extra long nylon leash
Give your dog the freedom to roam and wander without fear that they'll run away. You'll love using this on your walks to the dog park, camping or beach trips, hiking and even training!

Promising review: "My dog loves this leash! This leash will allow her to get way more exercise than our 30 minute walks do. We are also in the process of training her emergency recall and I’ll be using this leash for that as well. I haven’t had it long but I feel like it’s a good investment." —NavyChiefWife

Price: $7.97 (available in five lengths and 15 colors)
A leak-proof dog water bottle
With this, you and your pup can walk, run or bike longer without them getting dehydrated.

Promising review: "This water bottle has SAVED us on walks with our 4-month-old pup outside. She enjoys drinking out of this more than her own water bowl. SO convenient to carry around, leakproof and easy to clean! Highly recommend this product for all other pet humans." — Amanda Wang

Price: $19.96 (available in two sizes and two colors)

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