Expand Your Digital Footprint


Do you remember the days back in college (or for the younger crowd, high school!), when people were constantly talking to you about posting to the internet with care? You may have heard things like:
  • Don't share personal stuff. A stalker will find you. (My dad's famous words.)
  • Once you post online, it is there forever.
  • Your boss (or future boss) will see what you are posting to determine whether to hire or fire you.

While all of these things are true to some extent, I'm left wondering how many of these earlier learnings have impacted the amount of content, and the type of content, you are writing and publishing for your business?

Your digital footprint is mostly comprised of the content you create and publish. Your digital footprint, if it is strong enough, will leave an impression on others -- either in a good way, or a bad way. Let me explain.

Let's imagine you are a life coach who specializes in helping women transition during divorce. To create a digital footprint, you will need, at minimum, a website, a blog and at least one social media account. 

Now, let's imagine that I am going through a divorce. I realize that I need some help with lots of things right now -- my emotions, my finances, my legal representation. When I start Googling these topics, you hope that I find you, right?

Well, I can only find you if you have a STRONG digital footprint. That means you are blogging consistently about these topics, you are posting on social media, and you have a well-written website where I can read your content and make sure you are a good fit for me.

This is the power of content. This is the power of a solid content strategy. This is the power of a strong brand. It all comes back to content -- and strategically thinking about what your content is (or is not!) saying about you as a business owner.

Are you creating a strong, positive digital footprint in the ever-expanding web?