Weird News

Family Lost In Corn Maze Calls 911

A family became corn-fused when they couldn't seem to make their way out of a maze of maize in Danvers, Mass.

WCVB in Boston reports that a father used his cell phone to dial 911 after he, his wife and two children got lost in Connors Farm.

Officers quickly found the family within nine minutes of entering the maze, according to the Danver's Herald. The family was uninjured.

"We had a few people who got a bit lost last year but they found their way out,” owner of the farm Bob Connors told the Herald. “There is no wire or fence around the maze, so if they really want or need to get out all they have to do is listen for the sound of traffic they can always make their way through the corn rows to the road.”

The maze mishap is just one of the seasonal misfortunes that have come along with autumn's cooler temperatures.

WAVE 3 in Louisville, Ky reported last week on a man who was arrested for punching a haunted house employee.

And just last month, a jogger on Vancouver Island, British Columbia was injured after someone hurled a pumpkin at her, according to the Vancouver Sun.