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Fashion Meets Technology

The possibilities for "fashion tech," from social engagement to influencing and changing consumers' purchasing behavior, are simply overwhelming.
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We live in a world that revolves around and undeniably relies upon technology. Even my five-year-old has mastered the iPad and skillfully navigates the computer to find her latest video of choice. I admit that I'm continuously amazed at her ability to be so proficient with these devices when I'm still learning new tricks and shortcuts myself. Not even the fashion industry can escape the growing demand to learn, comprehend and benefit from advancements that are taking place in the tech world. A continuous stream of startups, for instance, have offered incredible new ideas that push innovative approaches and force brands to rethink the norm, including: Pinterest as a discovery tool; Instagram and Viddy as publishing platforms; Joyus' and wireWax's videos as shopping guides.

But this is just brushing the surface of the vast amount of information that has the tech world buzzing with endless excitement. It's time to consider how 3D technology will influence design, manufacturing and marketing. The consumer can begin to question whether or not he or she will give up the credit card to pay with mobile devices for purchases. And, of course, some may even ask, how will augmented reality continue to bring content to life? The possibilities for "fashion tech," from social engagement to influencing and changing consumers' purchasing behavior, are simply overwhelming.

The fashion industry prides itself in pushing boundaries and being at the forefront of avant-garde thinking. To continue to inspire my peers and myself to evolve, I'm honored to have Fashion Lincoln Center present Decoded Fashion, a new series that is being held at Alice Tully Hall on April 30. Focusing on connecting fashion, retail and luxury with existing and emerging technologies, as well as dissecting and digesting the latest trends, Decoded Fashion will allow us to take the next step in putting fashion on par with the most advanced tech companies.

A highlight of the summit will be the tech keynote speaker, David Karp, Tumblr's CEO and Founder. His micro blogging platform has reached an astounding 20 billion posts and has had a remarkable impact across several industries. Another keynote, Andy Dunn from Bonobos, the largest e-commerce menswear company, just received a $16 million investment from Nordstrom -- an undeniable stamp of industry approval.

Decoded Fashion will also present a panel curated by the Council of Fashion Designers of America, which means so much to me. DKNY PR Girl, Aliza Licht, is one of the most loved fashion personalities online and will moderate this captivating group of fashion insiders. No stranger to Twitter or Tumblr, Aliza has become the social voice of Donna Karan New York. Deborah Lloyd, the President of Kate Spade, and designers Nicole Miller and Stacey Bendet of Alice+Olivia complete the panel, creating the perfect stage for an enthralling and interesting discussion.

It will be a day to discuss tech innovation from startups and to discover rising stars -- new companies and ideas that promise to disrupt the fashion industry.