Find Your Passion By Remembering What You Loved As A Child

Want to Find Work You Love? Channel Your Inner 9-Year-Old

I love what Rita Wilson has to say about reinvention. She encourages us to think about what we loved to do as children. This rang all sorts of bells for me because lately I’ve been asked over and over about success, and over and over I hear people confess that they loathe their job. “I’m good at it, but I hate it.” And I wonder about that. Our society, school, most institutions teach us to ask the question: what am I good at? But I think that’s an unfortunate if not plain dangerous question. When I finally realized that I was a writer, a lot of people looked at me uncomfortably, knowing what I then didn’t know about how hard the writing life is, and said, “Then you should go into adverstising.” I’d look at them strangely. “I want to write novels. Not jingles about Keebler elves.” They’d just shake their heads.

If I look back at who I’ve been since I was a little girl, there are pages and pages to prove that I’ve been writing stories since the beginning.

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