First Listen to the Spag Heddy Remix for British Dubstep Producer Zomboy's "Invaders" From Never Say Die Records 'Black Friday Vol. 14' Compilation

It’s Black Friday and that means all sorts of goodies available today, and that means dope music as well. Today we have the first listen to the Spag Heddy remix for British dubstep artist Zomboy’s track “Invaders”. The rework is a part of the Never Say Die Records: Black Label compilation Black Friday Vol. 14, available today. With the original single garnering over 1.8 million plays on Spotify, 1.5 million plays on Soundcloud, and 1.7 million plays on YouTube, the Spag Heddy remix continues on with it’s hard-hitting, neck-breaking sound.

With the release of Black Friday Vol. 14, Spag Heddy let us know I little bit about how his remix of “Invaders” came about:

"I love making remixes/bootlegs. They’ve played a major part in how I got to where I am nowadays, and Iʼve done a few of Zomboy tunes that did really well. When I was once again showing a bootleg to Skism he pretty much said, “Dude, why do keep bootlegging when you can ask me for stems,” which honestly had never occurred to me. ”Invaders” is one of those instant-classic, high-energy dubstep bangers, and the kid in me sees it like that brand new shiny toy in the store that you just have to have and touch and play with. So I got the stems, got started, and straightaway had the wonky composition for it that then, with just a few tweaks, became what it is now. Obviously, big fat thanks to Zomboy for the legendary original and granting me the stems to play with, and to Skism for allowing and motivating me to do this!”

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