Building A Pool - Five Beautiful Pools To Inspire Your Masterpiece

Five Beautiful Pool Designs Where You Love To Swim
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On a sizzling summer day, is there anything as tranquil as a sparkling swimming pool with exquisite lines, curves and edges?

Though frequently seen as an extravagance, swimming pools can also serve lots of functions and be worth the indulgent price tag in the end. Apart from being a pleasant place to relax and unwind, beautiful pools can also provide your home with a face-lift. If done correctly, they will also increase the real estate value of your home.

There are lots of outstanding water features and colorful tiles and surrounds available to suit your perfectly tuned tastes and preferences. But before you sit down with a pool designer and become bamboozled by all the latest pool designs on their 27” high resolution iMac screens, read this guide for some inspiration The following report comes with a list of my top 5 most attractive pool designs. Use it to inspire your backyard lagoon.

Size Matters

Size, desired pool activity (swimming, lounging, kids playing) and location will determine the right design for you. Also, the climate may have a large bearing. Outdoor pools are ideal for warm climates, but even in colder states pool heaters will get you more use. So you can’t rule out an outdoor pool entirely just because of the weather. So if your heart is set on getting a pool in your backyard go ahead. Just leave plenty of funds aside for heating bills.

You also have the option for an indoor pool if the weather is too chilly or you like swimming in winter. Or if you have the budget you may opt for both, or even an indoor pool that travels through to your outdoors!

Regardless of whether you prefer outdoor or indoor, the exact size and shape of your space will have a large sway in the design and structure of your pool. With a narrow or long space for example, you can look at rectangular pool designs which may be a better fit for your property. It is important to note that if you are not constricted by dimensions, wider areas will provide you more freedom to have specialty shapes.

Here are some attractive pool designs to mull over.

1. A Knife Edge Pool Design

Undoubtedly, the knife edge is a captivating and engaging design that utilizes a small slot placed entirely around the edges of your swimming pool that replaces traditional features. Instead of including a bright border, the pool water flows freely into its slots, thus creating the most dramatic and exceptional mirror-like effect with a marvelously minimalist architectural statement.


2. An Infinity Edge Pool Design

This infinity edge is one of the most dominating and highly preferred pool designs that brings you closer to that natural swimming experience, blending you seamlessly into the great outdoors. This design feature is otherwise known as “water-in-transit.” This particular pool design permits water to quickly overflow off one or more border edges on your swimming pool. Additionally, the effect also looks like people can just swim off into the horizon, which is very exciting.

An Infinity Edge Pool Design
An Infinity Edge Pool Design

3. Bubblers With Fountain

The popularity of this pool design is increasing more and more because of its unusual appearance and fountain like facilities. Bubbler water fountains use low-pressure water to deliver its namesake bubbles, thus creating small water ripples similar to a mild Jacuzzi. Also creates a nice water feature.

Bubblers With Fountain
Bubblers With Fountain

4. Backyard Pool With Baja Shelves

This is one of the most popular modern pool designs which utilizes “lounging ledges” and “tanning ledges.” The design element of this pool creates a shallow and broad area within the swimming pool which is ideal for creating a relaxing pool environment, safe for kids, relaxing for the adults. The features of Baja Shelves are admired by tanning enthusiasts who like to lounge on the giant steps. Additionally, you can also relax under a cool shade by placing umbrellas in slots in the shelves.

Backyard Pool With Baja Shelves
Backyard Pool With Baja Shelves

5. Glass Tile Pool Design

This kind of design is planned by a licensed engineer who specializes in glass tiles. The tiles are so tiny and they sparkle in the light. The colors of these tiles can be combined to develop distinctive auras while bright sunlight strikes them directly. These tiles are placed underwater, and they can clearly reflect the light and produce a preternatural blaze in the water. Stunning to say the least.

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