Smooth Kid Pulls Foul Ball Switch, Still Manages To Look Good With The Ladies (VIDEO)

LOOK: Kid Pulls A Really Smooth Move

This kid's stealth move made him quite popular with the ladies.

After a young fan caught a foul ball at the Texas Rangers versus Toronto Blue Jays game in Texas on Saturday, he decided to give his prize away to the girls sitting behind him. The smooth move caught the attention of sportscasters, but not for the reason you may expect.

While a Vine shared on Reddit shows off the kid's kind gesture, if you look closely you'll realize something isn't quite right.

As announcers noticed during the game, the young boy appears to pull a switcheroo. He catches a ball tossed from Luis Rivera in his glove, then immediately turns around and furnishes a ball to the female fans. But replays from the game showed the boy actually kept the foul ball in his glove, and gave a decoy to the ladies.

It's not clear where the other ball came from, but if the young boy brought it to the game in order to pull the trick, then that is the ultimate smooth move.

Check out the foul ball switch in the video above.

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