Frances Rosario, Atlanta Mom, Finds Nose Ring In Child's McDonalds Breakfast Burrito (VIDEO)

Frances Rosario got more than she bargained for when she bought a breakfast burrito at an Atlanta area McDonald's on Wednesday morning.

A few bites into her 4-year-old daughter's breakfast burrito, Rosario made a shocking discovery: a piece of jewelry that appeared to be someone's nose ring was tucked between the eggs.

The discovery would have irked anyone, but for Rosario, it was more than a mere mealbreaker*.

Rosario told CBS Atlanta that she was concerned her daughter could have swallowed the piece of jewelry. However, when she called the McDonald's location where the burrito was purchased and demanded an explanation, Rosario said she was rudely rebuffed. She even tried calling McDonald's corporate, but to no avail.

The Daily Mail reports that McDonald's employee guidelines forbid "large loop earrings" and state that "visible body piercing must be removed with the exception of one small earring in each ear and a small stud nose piecing."

A variety of objects have been reportedly found in McDonald's food this year.

In April, an Illinois woman found a razor blade beneath some eggs at a McDonald's. In May, a Reddit user posted a photo of a cockroach embedded in a McDonald's hash brown.

In October, an Oklahoma City woman found a clear plastic shard in a McDonald's cookie. When she contacted the restaurant, management reportedly told her they had found similar pieces of plastic in a recent shipment of cookies.

*Mealbreaker (n.): a nasty, non-edible surprise found in food while it is being eaten; often lawsuit-provoking, sometimes fabricated, always disgusting.