Full House Cast Reunites For Super Bowl Commercial For Dannon Oikos (VIDEO)

In the 2014 Super Bowl ad from Dannon, John Stamos got a little dating advice from a few good friends -- "Full House" co-stars Bob Saget and Dave Coulier.

Stamos, the pitchman for Oikos Greek yogurt, was having a flirty snack with a hot date when he was joined by Saget and Coulier (dressed in red, footy pajamas no less) who attempted to cool things down a bit.

The ad received so much buzz leading up to the big game that "The Dads" hosted a Reddit AMA to talk about their experiences filming classic sitcom.

This blast from the past was one of several 90s reunions rumored to be making an appearance during the Super Bowl, with speculation rampant that the Seinfeld cast may also be starring in an ad of their own.

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