Full Moon in Pisces - Healing with humor

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On September 16th Moon in Pisces is in exact opposition to Sun in Virgo. Actions and feelings may not be in common, but under this aspect they can be united.

Moon in Pisces is highly impressionable by environmental influences. It absorbs feelings and moods of the environment like a sponge. The soul is marked by a large transmittance and likes to drift away. It is driven by hopes, longings, feelings of fear, wishful thinking and afraid to show the true feelings. One feels easily lost. Therefore, one likes to get addicted to alcohol, drugs, and addictions of all kinds. Perhaps the mother was very caring or anxious, perhaps very clairvoyant.

Pisces Moon is the most empathetic, sensitive Moon in the zodiac, with a big helper syndrome; therefore it´s difficult to set boundaries. Basically it is talented for medium ship, clairvoyance and the ability to connect with the supernatural. Often people with this constellation are artistically gifted and have a knack for music, painting, dance, drama, photography, or as a director. This is also the sign for mystics, dreamers and illusionists. The typical Pisces person is romantic, has an immense imagination and feels naturally connected to the universe.

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Full Moon conjunction Chiron

During the full moon days there is a conjunction with Chiron, the healer. This asteroid derives from family of Centaurus, moves between the Saturn and Uranus. The word Chiron is derived from the Greek meaning "hand" (Greek: το χέρι). The asteroid stays most of the time in the sign Pisces and Aries.

In conjunction with Moon in Pisces, it is an excellent time to ask following questions:

· Where does your soul or your body need a healing process?

· Would you forgive someone, so that your soul is free again?

· Have you been ill for longer time and there is no change for the better?

· You also notice small improvements and acknowledge them?

With this constellation, we are asked to accept our vulnerability. Since Chiron also carries an energetic, humorous side in itself, you are invited focus on these questions, too:

· Where is my strength?

· What makes me laugh and shine?

· What could stimulate my healing process?

With a positive aspect between Moon and Fortune Point in Scorpio, these issues desire profound encounters and want to be transformed. A Square to Mars in Sagittarius is pulling on two ends: One wants to go faster than it is really required.

Important: Avoid surgeries on full moon days. Wounds heal poorly, the recovery is progressing slowly.

Beneficial activities these days: painting, making music, writing poetry, dreaming, the soul, connect as often as possible with nature, massaging especially feet, good food and enough sleep, meditating, envisioning.

Sun is in Virgo until September 22nd. This sign acts very analytical, critical and solution-oriented. The great talent is adapting with a sharp mind; that´s why it´s carefully, likes organization and acts solution-oriented. Sun in Virgo is more the rational earth sign, seeking for finding it´s place and makes sure that other people have enough space, too. Would we all live with this attitude, there would be fewer wars. However, this self-limitation gives Virgo no wings, but more she is tricked too often in self-criticism. This might be healthy, when one doesn´t hesitate too long making a decision and shows oneself in a smaller light than necessary. The typical Virgo rarely beats over the traces; it knows its measure in its power, resources and emotions. Its wisdom, forecasting and adaptability give the gift to use situations for its own good - the good of all.

Use this Full Moon quality to free your visions!

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