'Gay Guys' Receipt Shocks Straight Male Bar Patrons In The U.K.

A British restaurant is coming under fire after providing two patrons with a receipt for their meal that identified the pair as "gay guys."

The label "gay guys," allegedly a descriptor used to identify where the two were sitting at Judson's Bar, shocked 26-year-old Al Butler and his platonic friend, who both reportedly identify as straight.

"I obviously thought it was inappropriate," said Butler in an interview. "It's as equally unacceptable as racism... It's not a bad thing to be called gay -- although I'm not and neither is my friend -- but I think it's prejudiced. It's jumping to a conclusion without the need to do so."


After issuing a complaint in person about the incident, the bartender reportedly told Butler, "Sorry, there's nothing I can do."

Bar owner Peter Ward has since issed a public apology, stating, "We have apologized unreservedly. While it was completely wrong, I don't feel it was prejudiced... It was completely unprofessional and it is not what our business is about."

A spokesperson for the York Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Forum discussed the incident with reporters, stating, "Clearly this is an unacceptable and wrong stereotype made by a member of staff at the bar, but it is also a mistake which could cause great offence and upset to anyone involved, regardless of their sexuality... We would welcome any business to contact us should they feel their staff require training on issues of equality, where we would be more than happy to assist."

The waitress in question has since been disciplined and Judson's Bar is looking into training strategies to ensure that the incident doesn't happen again, according to reports.



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