Gays For Giuliani

I've always counted on Rudy to be a supporter of Gay Rights. He's been there for us by standing against the Federal Marriage Amendment, supporting civil unions and even signing the groundbreaking gay Domestic Partnership Bill. It was a common sight to see Rudy marching in a gay pride parade or looking fabulous decked out in full drag. As a New Yorker, I was proud to have a mayor who was such an open and friendly ally in the struggle for equal rights.

Sadly, things have changed now that he's looking for votes in South Carolina.

Rudy has turned his back on the community that he supported and that supported him. But fear not, 'Gays For Giuliani' is here to remind Rudy what he really believes in. We'd like to educate Republican primary voters about the Rudy that we know and love by pointing to his actual, impressive and progressive record.

It's as if Rudy has suddenly become afraid of gay people. So, we've trotted out a few stereotypes that will surely frighten him and maybe even some of his new rightwing supporters.

Rudy, it's time to 'come out of the closet' as a gay rights supporter.

We've decided to air a 30-second version of the ad in South Carolina, where the voters need the most education about Rudy's record. A contribution today can help us get our message out to voters in Columbia.