Get a Faith Lift

Get a Faith Lift
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Get a Faith Lift.

Where could you use a faith lift? A place in your life where there's doubt, anxiety, stress or fear blocking the flow?

There is a big hairy spiritual misunderstanding out there that can take you out of the faith flow where you feel supported, guided and held and pull you into the 'fear pit' where you get weighted down with feelings of stress, anxiety, and doubt, and it's this:

"If you just do your work, fix yourself, become spiritually evolved 'enough,' then life will stop throwing challenges at you." (as much as I'd like to promise you this spiritual nirvana, it's not true.)

I see so many people - and I've done it myself - create tons of unnecessary pressure and stress for themselves because when challenges arise in their money, relationship, careers, or health, instead of meeting the situation with faith, surrendering to the challenge & embracing it, they judge that there is something 'wrong' or they did something 'wrong.'

When hard stuff shows up, or life doesn't look the way we want, we think and judge that life is supposed to be different than it is. And the moment you choose to judge your situation as wrong, or you blame/shame/criticize yourself or others, the faith flow wanes, your ego flares up, and you create lots more struggle and suffering because you try to muscle, think or criticize your way through instead of relying on the Divine to guide you through.

The spiritual truth is that life is a challenge, full of victories and initiations, full of times of intensity and times of rest. And that's not a "bad" thing, it's life. It just is. As you evolve in your spiritual strength and depth, it's not that the challenges stop coming, it's that you change how you meet them. This is where building strong faith muscles comes in. You want to strengthen your faith before the hard stuff happens, so you can meet the challenges that come your way with more grace, clarity and centeredness.

2016-06-02-1464888737-4695065-Faith.jpgFaith is a both a relationship & practice we have with the Divine. Faith is what pulls you up when the challenges arise, it calls you forth to be your most excellent self, it catalyzes and tempers you to feel your confidence, calm, content center even in the midst of a storm.

15 years ago when my life got rocked open, after my fiancé broke up with me on the way to our engagement party, and I realized I had to leave my house, my friends and the life I knew, I found this card which pulled me through. "Faith makes things possible, not easy." I have kept it with me all this time, sometimes on my bed stand, and today it sits on my desk to remind me of the truth it speaks, and to help me reach out for the Divine and my faith cord, to give myself Faith Lifts when life's challenges heats up. Today I share it with you.

Where do you need more FAITH in your life? Where are you controlling? Pushing? Doubting? Afraid? And cutting off the Divine flow? Try giving yourself a faith lift instead using this simple but three step process - RELEASE fear & judgment, RECEIVE divine wisdom, TRUST and take action.

To unclog your faith flow, you need to illuminate the fear & the judgment it's creating, so you can let go. If you aren't willing to admit you are afraid, or judging that things should be different, the faith can't flow. Finish these three faith flow statements, out loud to yourself:
I need more faith that...

I am afraid that...

I judge that I should...

With an open heart towards yourself, you can RECEIVE the Inner Wisdom that lives inside you, that always knows what direction your heart and soul want to take. But you have to choose to connect in. To make the connection, use your breath & body (ancient yogi secret!.)

Take these steps:

  1. Close your eyes.
  2. Take a breath.
  3. Put your hand on your heart.
  4. Imagine that place in your life where you need a Faith Lift.
  5. Ask your Inner Wisdom these 2 questions... and say the answers out loud so you can hear the Divine speaking to you:

•"What does my Inner Wisdom know I need to HEAR?"
•"What does my Inner Wisdom know I need to DO?"


Take the action that your Inner Wisdom guided you to take. Even if it's scary, doesn't make sense or it seems insignificant. Promise yourself to act according to the direction that you received from your Divine Downline. It's one thing to hear the words of your Inner Wisdom and receive them but if you do not act nothing changes for very long.

Follow your Inner Wisdom even if it flies in the face of conventional wisdom.

I have done this faith lift time and time again to help me find my way back to the faith flow and I also know it can be hard to do on your own. So I created an episode of Feminine Power Time - a weekly podcast I do - where I will lead you through this as a meditation.

Wherever this finds you remember that strengthening your faith is something to do on a daily basis so that when the big stuff happens, you know how to stay in the faith flow instead fall into the fear pit. And sometimes we need some help, that's where the faith lift comes in. You can use the recording or the process here anytime you need one!

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