Get Granular. 5 Tips on Influencing Your Audience Authentically

Getting Granular
Getting Granular

Get granular. Trump did and it was his winning strategy. Going hyper local and beyond the big hitters, to the regulars, the real people is the type of influencer marketing that works. Its regular people like you and me, its authentic and honest. Not celeb driven, not Kardashian style. Pass the big city hype and into the local counties. Real people who need a real solution.

Is your brand a problem solver? What are the reasons to believe in your brand? Find them and target your affinity groups.

5 tips to think granular and influence your audience authentically:

1. Identify the consumer problem – its not the brand problem, keep the consumer at the core. Your brand solves the problem.

2. Learn what motivates your customer. What are her stages of consideration. Where across these stages does your brand need to come into play to solve the pain? What are you solving along each step of the way?

3. Create brand content and themes that nurture, educate and addresses the pain points across the stages. This is where influencing work best.

4. Find the real people that are within the themes that will build up the trust and act as the basis for the content you create. Get down into the weeds to find where you need to nurture and educate – find your enthusiasts within the specific field – dive deep and find your niche writer, blogger, vlogger, or coach.

5. Put yourself in your customers seat and become your customer and go thru the stages yourself to find the pulse points. Do it yourself is the best advice to find your niche influencers and make them your rising stars. Make them feel important because you care about them.

Judy Herbst, PR Marketing Brand Director

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