Girl's Snapchat Boyfriend Is So Perfect He Can't Be Real

Some people like to use social media to post about their oh-so-perfect relationships and @meandmyboifriend is no different. Except Molly Mitchell's boyfriend is a doodle.

Mitchell, a 26-year-old from San Francisco, has taken to posting photos of her beau George Glass to her Instagram account. In the shots, edited with Snapchat, Mitchell and Glass drink coffee, lounge by the pool and even engage in some PDA. Mitchell told ABC News her friends are concerned, but they are probably "just protective" because the two are "going too fast."

“Love is out there. It’s still alive. I don’t care what you see on E! or Bravo,” she added. “The person you’re meant to be with might be on your phone right now.”

Is this some sort of social commentary about the pervasiveness of unnecessary showboating in a voyeuristic world? Or is Mitchell just bored? Either way, LOL.