How Giuliana Rancic's Faith Got Her Through Infertility And Breast Cancer

Giuliana Rancic has been dealt her fair share of setbacks in life, including breast cancer and infertility. But the E! News anchor has remained resilient, citing her unwavering belief in a higher power as her biggest motivation for trucking on.

"Faith," she told HuffPost Live in a Tuesday about what got her through it all. "I think faith is everything."

"When you are told you can't have a child, it's hard as a woman to hear those words," Racic said. "And then hearing you have breast cancer, there's nothing more painful. I look back at that time and the way I got through it was because I realized there was just something that was bigger than me that was gonna get me through it. Little old me could not get me through all that pain."

The Going Off Script author mentioned that she and husband Bill Rancic pray nightly "still to this day."

"It's a very big part of our lives, and it just relieves a lot of the pressure," she said. "It really does."

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Giuliana Bill Rancic