Global Warming: We Still Have the Power to Choose

On Sunday, 60 Minutes had a stunning report from the rapidly melting glaciers of Greenland. Indeed, they're melting so rapidly that minutes after filming his spot, the glacier the reporter was standing on crashed apart into the open sea. It made for a jaw-dropping piece of video. Unfortunately, the conclusion of the segment was equally jaw-dropping in the way that it, by ending on a hopeless note, missed a chance to make a vital point. The segment closed with climate expert Bob Corell saying: "Even under the best of circumstances, this natural system of a climate will continue to warm the planet for literally hundreds of years no matter what we do."

I'm pretty sure he was trying to say that we will be feeling the consequences of how much we have already warmed the planet for years to come. But the kind of world we will live in is a choice we still have the power to make. Will we live in a world that is two degrees hotter or a world that is five to ten degrees hotter? The difference between those worlds is enormous -- with implications for us all that are truly unimaginable.

The choice is ours.