Grammar Infographic Shows Why Writing Skills Matter

BREAKING: words matter.

Both book lovers and pedants can take comfort in the fact that their insistence on the proper use of to, too and two is, in fact, useful. In addition to the obvious benefit of providing readers with clarity, proper grammar can help workers in many non-writing fields land jobs. In an infographic that surveyed freelancers' work and personal profiles, Grammarly revealed that there is a strong correlation (although not necessarily causation) between writing skills, hireability and pay. In other revelatory news: Books are good!

The infographic also breaks down which professionals are more likely to commit grammatical no-no's, citing IT and finance as the biggest offenders. Engineers and manufacturers who made fewer than 10 grammatical errors in their freelancing materials could earn up to twice as much per hour than those who made more than 30 -- same goes for those working in finance, sales and legal professions.

Check out the entire infographic:

grammar infographic

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