Guest Etiquette: How NOT To Overstay Your Welcome (VIDEO)

4 Ways NOT To Overstay Your Welcome This Weekend

There's a good chance you'll be using the summer weather as an excuse to visit friends you haven't seen in a while. (Especially those that happen to live by a beach, have a boat or maybe a pool). While it's easy to get very, er, comfortable when you're crashing at their place, remember a few basic rules of guest etiquette.

Watch the video clip above for some house guest horror stories and what NOT to do when you're visiting and read through these four tips to keep in your back pocket this weekend. If you want to be invited back, that is.

1. Don't overstay your welcome. Even if you're invited over for just an evening, be respectful of people's time and plan to leave at a reasonable hour.

2. Leave a parting gift. A small token, like a bottle of wine, goes a long way to show your appreciation.

3. Offer to help clean up. Leave the home just as you arrived.

4. Don't expect your hosts to be your chauffeur/ babysitter/ tour guide. Take some of the pressure off and offer to go do some exploring on your own.

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