Happy Valentine's Day, Iraq War Widows

While I am opposed to our actions in Iraq, I propose that we furlough our outrage for today.

I, for one, would like to write a post of caring to our thousands of Iraq war widows.

I can picture the look of love and pride you gave your beloved the last time you glimpsed into their eyes- at the airbase, at the airport gate, at portside, over an Internet video connection.

You told him that you loved him and that you were proud of him. He or she said he loved you and he felt the same.

You, and perhaps your children, were on his mind as he rode out through the dangerous Iraqi countryside, or in the streets of Baghdad.

And in that terrible moment, when the loud crash made it apparent he probably would never see you again, he may have called out for you.

It may have been months since then. Or days. Or even years.

While continuing to honor him, you may have resolved to move on.

Despite your resolve, I know today is difficult. For when he was here, you may have had some wonderful Valentine's Days together.

So it is OK to weep, but it is also OK to honor him as well.

War widows, other peace-favoring bloggers may harangue you that the most appropriate way to honor your lost loved one is to work for peace.

But I cannot demand this of you..Why? Because I cannot know what is in your heart, I cannot guilt-trip you into a path.

The only thing I can tell you is to take the lessons about life and love that your lost loved one taught you, and walk forthrightly through this world.

A world in which you are alive, and can make a difference.