Hasib Sabbagh Dies at 88

Hasib Sabbagh, 88, a prominent Palestinian businessman, activist, and philanthropist died Jan. 12.

Hasib Sabbagh's story is the story of Palestine. His death today is a loss for all Palestinians. His world-wide achievements on the business and philanthropic fronts make his words when he used to describe himself as a man who went from being "a refugee to a citizen of the world," indisputable.

Hasib Sabbagh was born to a distinguished family in Palestine in 1922. After graduating from AUB with a degree in civil engineering, he co- founded the Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC). After Israel was established in 1948, Sabbagh fled Palestine and CCC was moved from Palestine to Beirut, and then later on to Athens where he died last night.

His vision and dedication to make a contribution to the world became evident by CCC's respected name throughout the world, and his ability to share its success with many in need. Today, CCC is the region's largest multinational company and one of the largest contractors worldwide with an annual revenue of $ 4 billion, and more than 140,000 employees composed of over sixty nationalities.

An advocate for Peace between Palestinians and Israelis, and man that deeply cared for Palestine and its people, Hasib Sabbagh was and will remain a leading philanthropist that gave generously to the health and education sectors in Palestine.

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