Headless Body Found On Cape Cod Beach

A headless, limbless body was found wrapped in a duffle bag on a quiet Cape Cod beach, police say.

Investigators in Sandwich, Massachusetts, say a passerby found "something suspicious" on Wednesday, according to the Providence Journal. It turned out to be the dismembered body of what police believe was an unidentified 220-230 pound, 6-foot-tall black man. There was a 4-inch surgical scar found on the victim's abdomen.

Bret Cerulli tells WCVB that he called police when he saw the suspicious package at Town Neck Beach. It was a duffle bag wrapped in a tarp.

"Then the cops came down and opened it up partially, and there was like, blood," he said. "Couple layers and there was a duffel bag, but there was like four or five layers to the bag. It was like a tarp."

Police haven't yet released the name, age or gender of the victim. They are seeking the public's help in the investigation. The victim was wearing a T-shirt bearing the name of Cranston Windustrial, a supplier of pipes, valves and fittings in Providence.

The Journal reports:

Investigators had checked with the company and “they told us the shirt was probably 6-8 years old. They gave out thousands over the years to customers and vendors. We want to know whether members of the public might have seen someone wearing a shirt like that over the past few days.”

He conceded that the case “may have absolutely nothing to do with Rhode Island.”

The beach was deemed a secondary crime scene, according to CBS News. Police say the murder happened elsewhere before the body was dumped.



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