Hello 2018! A list for my children for the New Year

Hello 2018! A list for my children for the New Year
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I never make a New Year resolutions list and I don’t think I will this time either. Besides, whenever I put a list of any kind together for myself, I procrastinate. That’s my usual.

Maybe that should be my one and only New Year resolution: “Listen to yourself, stop procrastinating against your own self, woman!”

In the meantime, while I try to work that personal issue out within myself…. I did want to put together a list for my beautiful wonderful children. This list is not deep or complex. I always have advice for them; no matter how big, small, silly or serious. So here is the list I plan to give to them. They can use any bits or tips they choose to. I think it’s a pretty realistic and straight forward list, although some of the points are random thoughts I just happened to have in my head today. In any case, I hope they can grab some things from it.

** There are actually two lists. One list of things promoting positivity for the new year and one list of things to leave behind as they head into the new year.


Nature. Get out there! Clear your mind, body and soul of the typical day-to-day happenings. Get some fresh air. Walk on the beach. Go on a hike. Go canoeing or kayaking. Go horseback riding. Drive up to the snow and get your ski on! Ride up the coast (with stops along the way to get out and experience/soak in some of the beauty).

Set a few realistic goals.

Embrace YOU. Be confident. Pat yourself on the back for all you have accomplished and all you will continue to accomplish. Make yourself proud!

Pay off any debt (hopefully you listened to my advice before though, and so you don’t have any debt!).

Be grateful.

Continue to learn.

Read a J. California Cooper book! ( <----- click on links)

Get your documents in order. If they are not already (which they should be, because I’ve told you all about this long ago), get a small file cabinet and get it togetha!


Travel. Mini vacations will suffice for now (even if somewhat ‘local’). Just make sure to get away. You deserve it. Go see somethin’!

Anything that currently interests you? Any new passion? What would it take to move towards it? Well get to it! Check it out!

Don’t limit yourself. Strive towards that full potential that each of you have.

Listen to an entire album from start to finish (one that you’ve never listened to before - and for a real challenge, choose an album from a completely different genre than you would normally listen too). This will open up your musical knowledge and tastes.

Own your life! Be happy! Have inner peace and contentment.


Family time!!! Make sure to always fit this in. Life is way too short to skimp on this. Catch up with your brother/sister/father often. Go visit your momma. Go hang out with your momma sometimes: sit around, relax, chat, laugh, veg out and watch movies with her, etc. Go have dinner with your momma. Fill your momma in on what’s going on in your life. Call your momma more often. Ask your momma for advice. Call your momma if somethings bugging you. Surprise your momma – Example: ‘Hey momma, surprise! I’m here to chill with you alllll day long!’ Catching any hints here???

I’ll wrap up with my usual: Be kind. Be humble. Do the right thing. Be a good person.

THINGS TO LEAVE BEHIND (not all of these will apply to each of you or any of you, but just in case…):


Processed food and junk food. I cannot emphasize this enough.

Start looking at the ingredients of food items that are labeled ‘healthy’. You’ll be extremely surprised at what you read. And I bet you’ll want to leave them behind! Read the ingredients of a ‘healthy’ energy bar or reduced fat product or ‘baked’ chips, or ‘naturally flavored’ water...

Purchasing items at those name brand coffee shops. I don’t need to specifically name any of those coffee shops, y’all already know. Support small businesses/privately owned corporations instead. Invest in a simple coffee machine and make your own cup at home. The price of a subpar cup of coffee or tea at one of those places should be illegal! And the price of a subpar muffin or scone… oh don’t even get me started. Or as your grandma Lisa would say... “hon-aaaayyyy!”

Stress. Please don’t stress off of the things you can’t control. Work on things you can control and take it from there.

Gym membership – IF you don’t go on a very regular basis you’re throwing your money away. It only makes sense if you actually go faithfully and regularly. And if you do, then good for you! Keep it up! Rock that gym membership!

For my daughters: Overpriced make-up. Yes, good quality make-up will cost a bit more. A ‘bit more’ is the key... but it shouldn’t cost you an arm and leg for some damn highlighter. The sky-high priced make-up is definitely overrated. The overly cheap ones are no good. So find an in-between!

Judgement – Judgement towards others as well as towards yourself.

  • Don’t judge others, because you have NO right too. Period. People can be who they want to be. Love who they want to love. Do what they want to do. Just like you do. I feel like you each have this covered well already but I wanted to add it in anyway.
  • Know your worth, and mainly; love yourself enough not to judge yourself.

Regret. Because ain’t nobody got time for that!


Quick note to 2017: Hey 2017! You can have all these ‘leave behinds’! 2018 has absolutely no room for any of it.

*** Happy New Year my darlings. Love, Momma ***

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