Here's How To Come Out To Your Doctor

And a few of the other LGBT wellness stories you should know about this week.

How To Come Out To Your Doctor

We know getting good health care can be a struggle when you’re LGBTQ. Here are some strategies and tips for coming out, talking to your doctor and demanding the best care possible.

Veterans Affairs Unfriendly To Lesbians

It’s tough for lesbian veterans to get welcoming heath care from Veterans Affairs, a new study found. Ten percent of lesbian veterans said they had been mistreated by staff or providers and 50 percent feared harassment if they came out, even though the vast majority agreed that the VA had taken steps to be more welcoming.


How To Have A Good Death

Sexuality and intimacy are important for any person nearing their end of their life. A new study, however, found that assumptions from discrimination and ignorance from health care providers are hurting LGBT patients nearing death. 

What’s Needed For Good Rural, Multicultural Care

Researchers recently brought people together to create recommendations for improving health care for rural and diverse LGBTQ patients. The list? Create a safe, welcoming environment, develop culturally competent medical staff and update medical training. Sometimes the right thing is the obvious one. 

Disparity In Employer Based Health Insurance Coverage For LGBTQ People

Same-sex couples are 78 percent less likely to have employer-based health insurance compared to mixed-gender couples, a new study found. The big surprise? Civil unions and straight up marriage had about the same effect on health insurance coverage.

Missouri Doing A Great Job With Mammograms, Pap Smears

Finally some good news! A recent study of Missouri women found that lesbian and bisexual women were just as or more likely than straight women to have recently gotten a pap smear, mammogram, or colorectal cancer screening.