High Schooler Hits Incredible Buzzer Beater A La Christian Laettner (VIDEO)

It was a play we've seen once before.

With 1.7 seconds left and a trip to the District Three Class AAAA championship game on the line, Cedar Crest High School (Lebanon, PA) went for the three-quarter court inbound pass. On the receiving end was the 6-foot-6 Andrew Eudy, who went above his defenders, caught the ball, took one dribble and let go of a miracle shot.

Eudy released the ball just before the clock turned to zero, and as a result the Falcons capped off a 21-6 run to finish with a 49-47 victory. Cedar Crest student fans -- who were decked out in neon colors -- reacted predictably: by going nuts.

"I knew they couldn't get up with me because I have six inches on most of them," Eudy told GametimePA. "Once I got the ball, I didn't want to take the jump shot. I wanted to get as close to the rim as possible."

The shot left coaches, players and fans reminiscing about Christian Laettner's legendary shot to send Duke to the Final Four of the 1992 NCAA Tournament.

Do you think the shots are comparable?



2013 NBA Playoff Buzzer Beaters