Hillary Clinton's New Book Is Coming: So How Good Of A Writer Is She?

Political memoirs aren't usually good reading. D.C.'s finest tend to keep their ghostwriters on a tight leash with the aim of image control, not gorgeous prose.

But Hillary Clinton's books seem to be unusually bad! That is, according to the critics (audiences, however, love her). Yesterday's news that Clinton scored her fifth book deal with Simon & Schuster, for a memoir about her dramatic tenure as Secretary of State, prompted us to do some digging. What are the odds this as-yet-untitled 2014 release will be good polit-lit? Our findings do not console us.

Below some of the toughest lines from critics unhappy with Clinton's densest books to date, the 2003 memoir "Living History," and "It Takes A Village," a book Clinton wrote in the nineties on the state of child care in America. We share them in the belief that constructive criticism often makes a person improve.

Book Reviewers On Hillary Clinton