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Hillary Rallies Indiana With John Mellencamp and Mary Steenburgen

At a Hillary rally in Indiana, John Mellencamp played a song. Mary Steenburgen told me that she and Hill are gal pals and that their daughters grew up together and that Hillary brags about Chelsea.
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Citizen Kate catches up with Old Hollywood Celebrities at a Hillary Clinton event in Indianapolis, Indiana: "So I made it to my first big Hillary event in Indiana. It was a rock concert with John Mellencamp. Actually, he only played one song. I discovered firsthand what local reporters go through at political events. I didn't get to interview Hillary. But I did see stars like Sean Astin, Rob Reiner and Miss Indiana. I even chatted with Mary Steenburgen and Ted Danson. I was super close to Bill Clinton! But not close enough to touch him. When I tried to reach the Clintons after Hillary's big speech, the volunteers stopped me. Apparently, reporters with cameras aren't allowed to get too close. Just another day of being a citizen journalist."

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