H&M Pays $100,000 For Wrongful Arrest Of African-American Grandma

H&M Pays $100,000 For Racial Profiling Lawsuit

A jury in Multnomah County, Oregon found 59-year-old grandmother Brenda Moaning falsely arrested for shoplifting at a local H&M store, and awarded her more than $105,000 for battery, false arrest, and punitive damages.

KOIN6 reports that the May 2011 incident began when Moaning prepaid at the register for a $5 tee at the front of the store, than placed it in her bag on the way out. Two loss prevention officers and a H&M security guard grabbed her and forced her into a security room, even after the clerk acknowledged Moaning's purchase. According to court documents, Moaning was told that she "looked like a common thief."

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