Company Holiday Parties Causing Massive Hangover Epidemic In U.S.

It’s the holiday season again, and that means company holiday parties. And that means good-old American hangovers.

How many hangovers, you ask? A staggering 96 percent of Americans have either come into work hungover after attending a holiday party the night before, or know someone who has, according to a recent survey by Caron Treatment Centers. Of those who knocked back a few too many on the company dime, 64 percent have actually called in sick because of it, and 46 percent reported having trouble getting work done the next day.

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As is obvious to anyone who has ever had multiple drinks, hangovers lead to productivity issues (see: procrastination, longer lunch breaks, leaving work early). Too much booze can also strain co-worker relations; 59 percent say they’ve seen colleagues become aggressive or argumentative at holiday parties, and nearly half reported co-workers sharing inappropriate personal information.

Here's an idea: Don't get absolutely obliterated at the company holiday party! But if you do lack that discipline -- and something like three-fourths of us do, according to this critical survey -- just go to work and tough it out like a champ.

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