Holiday Traditions...That I Just Can't Get Into

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'Tis the season to bring out all the cheesy traditions. I love it! The cheesier, the better. And we certainly have our fair share of them around my place.

But, I have to say, there are a few things I’ve seen that I just don’t get into. Mainly, I tend to avoid these things:

Matching pajamas.

I’ve seen you all, big and small, adult and child, all wearing the exact same pajamas – and you looks pretty darn cute doing it. But, somehow I missed the boat on this. I’m actually shocked that some of you can get your humans to agree to continue doing this. I have several who would take to the streets in protest, so good on ya! Do note, there are times my kids have had matching pajamas – but it has not been triggered by Christmas. It has been triggered by a sale. Christmas does not get my people wearing matching pajamas – a cheap mom looking for sale items does!

Fancy stockings.

All those beautiful handmade stockings with children’s names embroidered with love. Yes, you all look very Pinteresty with your gorgeous stockings hanging over your delightful fireplaces. Our stockings are a mish-mash of what I’ve collected at the Dollar Store over the years. They are not even all the same size, which gives the children who have the larger stockings rights to say I love them more.

Mall Santas.

I have never taken my children to the mall to see Santa. I have absolutely no patience for line-ups, even when it just involves me. Throw some kids into the line-waiting mix, and it ain’t never gonna happen. I think they have all survived childhood without being completely scarred by having never met a Mall Santa.

Do you just take a pass on some of the holiday things every other parent seems to be doing? Perhaps you’re anti “Elf on the Shelf” or you find other traditions cringe-worthy? What do you buy into during the holiday season and what do you happily take a pass on?