Massachusetts Home Rigged To Explode When Someone Flipped Light Switch

A home in Milton, Massachusetts was discovered on Tuesday to be rigged with an explosive device that would detonate when a certain light switch was flipped.

An electrician was examining the home at around 3:45 p.m. when he discovered an improvised explosive device crafted from a plastic jug filled with accelerant and wired to the lighting system, the Boston Globe reports.

“It was in the closet of a bedroom upstairs,” Lindell Williams, who owns the property, told CBS Boston.

The electrician was looking at the home on Tuesday in part because Williams, who normally rents the house out, is planning to sell the property, according to WCVB.

The most recent occupants — a family who had lived there since June — moved out just days before the inspection. One day before they moved out, they filed a complaint that someone had filled the house’s drains with concrete.

Williams told The Boston Globe that in the past, the home has been a “target house” for vandalization.

Police are considering anyone who has access to the house as a suspect.