Home Security Camera Catches Robbers In The Act (VIDEO)


What a way to bring in the New Year.

Redditor Making Things uploaded a video of criminals burglarizing her Raleigh, North Carolina house just days before New Year's Eve.

The act was caught on the family's home security surveillance cameras, and shows three men lurking around the house on December 29 around 8:30 PM. One by one we see the perps enter the living room, rummaging through drawers. One even attempts to take the flat-screen television off the wall.

According to the homeowner the thieves stole $1,500 worth of goods including an Xbox, iPod and hard drive. They also ruined a television and router and dowsed the surveillance camera in bleach once they caught wind of its presence.

The cameras were installed by the family for purposes unrelated to safety. "We just had cameras because we like gadgets," the Redditor wrote.

Many of the comments were sympathetic towards the family's situation, though some users wanted to know why there wasn't an alarm system installed. "I don't know you personally, but please do it for the sake of your family. There are plenty of cheap (around $100-$150), reliable cameras on the market these days. There's also cheaper security/alarm systems that will more than likely deter intruders because the noise can be obnoxiously loud and draw attention," wrote user stniesen.

This is just one of many home intrusions that happens every year. According to Safe Guard The World, 2,000,000 home burglaries are reported each year in the United States and homes without security systems are up to 300% more likely to be broken into.

Back in September, after learning about the a burglar who broke into a home after convincing the victim he needed to retrieve a baseball, we came up with a list of ways you can protect your home from theft including installing light sensors and pruning back shrubbery to eliminate potential hideouts for thieves.

As of right now, the criminals have not been caught.

Watch the video above to see the house getting burglarized. Head over to Reddit to read more about the intrusion. And click through out slideshow on easy tips to help keep your home safe.

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