Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza Available At Pizza Hut UK

LOOK: Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza

When Pizza Hut first introduced stuffed crust pizza, people went crazy for it. At the time, putting cheese inside the crust was pretty revolutionary, at least in terms of pizza delivery. The company has now kicked it up a serious notch with hot dog stuffed crust pizza. While hot dog stuffed crust pizza sounds like it would be a truly American invention, this meat-stuffed pizza is (sadly?) only available in the UK. Moreover, it turns out this innovative pizza has been available in Thailand and Japan for years.

It seems like other countries have somehow managed to out-Americanize the Americans. Food-wise, there's nothing quite so American as a hot dog, or a fast food chain that delivers pizza. The fact that these items were combined abroad rather than on home turf is surprising, to say the least. As Gizmodo puts it:

What the hell, America‽ I thought we were the land of junk food? I thought we were hot dog heaven. I mean, sure, we didn't invent pizza, but we damn sure invented Pizza Hut! Delicious but disgusting-if-you-think-about-it cuisine is what we do best.

Anyone have bets for how long it will be until this delicacy is available stateside?

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