How Coco Jones Is Standing Up Against Big Tobacco, and How You Can Too

By Sarah Kim

Coco Jones is a true triple threat: she’s a singer, she’s an actress, and she’s the latest teenage celeb to take a public stand on an important cause, one at the intersection of health and social justice.

Coco is the face of the Who Has Their Eye on You? campaign from and truth, which exposes the way Big Tobacco uses predatory tactics to target low-income, black, and LGBTQ populations with their deadly product.

By taking the compatibility-style quiz, you and 5.5 million other DoSomething members can find out whether you’re a “match” with Big Tobacco -- in other words, whether the tobacco industry is targeting you and your community. Watch Coco in this energetic and important video, then read our conversation with her below. Why are you excited to be the face of the Who Has Their Eye on You?

Coco: I'm excited to be a part of this campaign because the message of Who Has Their Eye on You is very needed for our generation, and I'm thankful they asked me to take part in helping to spread this awareness.

DS: What have you learned about the way Big Tobacco profiles certain groups?

Coco: I've learned that Big Tobacco targets you based on your age, income, and where you live. I had no idea they make such strides to try and target people specifically!

DS: What would you say to your fans to encourage them to take the Who Has Their Eye on You quiz?

Coco: I would say it's very important that you're aware of the ways these companies try to target our generation. The more you're knowledgeable, the more you're prepared to make smarter decisions.

DS: How do you feel about being part of the generation that could end teen smoking for good?

Coco: I think it's amazing to be a part of this generation, especially with the use of social media it's so simple to educate your friends and family! We have the upper hand that generations before didn't have -- let's make sure we use it to our full advantage!

DS: We love your new single,Miss Me When Im Gone! What other things should your fans look forward to seeing from you this summer?

Coco: Thank you! My fans can look forward to a new film Flock of Four premiering next month! (I'll keep you updated on my socials for the exact date) and of course new music! Stay tuned!

Find out if Big Tobacco has their eye on you by taking this quiz on, powered by truth. If you share the quiz on social and upload a screenshot of the post, you will be entered for a chance to win a $2,500 scholarship from!


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