How Fall Evokes Change And Beauty In All Aspects Of Life

How Fall Evokes Change And Beauty In All Aspects Of Life
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The summer’s refreshing, yet salty breeze is suddenly replaced by autumn’s chilly kiss hello. A warm-up for the winter winds that will only be stronger and tougher to endure. Like the last kiss goodbye that you know really isn’t the last. You know it’ll happen again.

The silent sensation of sand between our toes is soon hidden by the bulky boots we are lugging around through the noisy leaves. They make their presence known from the smell of the air to the sound they make or their texture. There’s a feeling in the air that you can’t describe but it offers an unusual peace in your life that makes you feel safe and at home.

The fabrication of closeness is now over. Everyone gets so fake towards the end of summer because they want to prove something about themselves on social media that isn’t true. Fall promotes a time of unity between those and the ones you are closest to because of Thanksgiving, or Sunday football parties. When you have close friends, you consider them family regardless.

The nice weather we experience in the sunny months can make us feel insecure. You want to wear as less as possible to fit in with the trends and stay cool despite the burning heat. Yet, in autumn, we can let ourselves go. Comfort is the main thing. We don’t have to starve ourselves to have a summer desirable summer body and feel self-conscious, we can layer in our baggiest attire and indulge in the food that makes us feel warm inside in other ways.

The water from the beaches, pools, and lakes might be clear, but the clarity we receive from autumn is much more relieving. It still might remain a little cold for our liking or muggy at times, maybe even full of unwanted items at times, but it all sorts itself out. The answers we were looking for come to us naturally, and there’s a realness that we can’t deny. The trees are stripped down and so are our souls.

All of the summer’s canceled plans that lead to heartbreak are made up for all the times in the fall where you can curl up by yourself in the comfiest blanket ever, or with a loved one who lasted longer than the summer fling stage.

In the summertime, we almost have an obligation to get out and do as many things as we can in a very short time span. Whereas fall reminds us that it’s okay to take the time to relax and enjoy doing nothing. Because while you do nothing you can still do something. And it feels so good to just kick it back and do as little as possible for once.

The bright colors we are used to seeing in sunny summer will soon fade to duller shades of what could seem like death, yet allows the beauty of the new season to shine brighter than the sun. The changing leaves often remind us that we need to change some things up in our lives too. Whether it be bad habits, clothing or people in our lives.

That’s the beauty of fall. There is so much change that occurs in such a small time frame. And if you don’t take the time to stop and appreciate the world’s natural beauty, you’ll miss it. And you’re going to have to wait a whole other year to witness it again.

Originally written by Brittany Christopoulos on Unwritten!

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