How Much Money A Model Really Makes (PHOTO)

Jezebel ran a story on Tuesday afternoon about the trio of models suing Next Management for stealing their money, and although the entire situation sheds light on what we find to be a fascinating and sometimes disheartening industry, perhaps most interesting is the breakdown of how much the women are paid for different gigs.

But first, the background info: Anna Aleksandra Cywinska, Anna Marie Jagodzinska and Karmen Pedaru filed a lawsuit against Next for refusing to give them their pending earnings after they parted ways with the agency in April. Cywinska says Next kept $30,000 of her hard-earned cash, Jagodzinska, $230,000 and Pedaru, $400,000. And all three want $1 million in punitive damages.

Jezebel nabbed a copy of Jagodzinska's account statement dated April 23, which breaks down how much she was supposed to make for each job. Note that posing for editorials in French Vogue and Vogue pays $125 to $250, while mugging for J.Crew and H&M ads brings in $15,000 and $60,000, respectively.

After all is said and totaled, Jagodzinska would make only $89,684.50 -- plus a $52,000 advance (it's unclear how that fits in). But the point is, the agency still takes a pretty big chunk.

And as Jezebel writes:

She can't actually get her $89,684.50 because Next has marked it "Unavailable." Remember, none of the clients have paid yet! If Jagodzinska had wanted that money from Next on April 23, it would have been given only as a loan, for which she'd have paid Next a financing fee up-front of 5% of the total. That's 5% of a sum from which a 20% commission and Next's other costs have already been deducted.

The more you know.