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How Often Should You Wash Scarves, Gloves And Hats?

Who knew there were rules for this?

We often don’t realize how dirty our winter gear really is. But when you think about it, these items are exposed to germs, makeup and oil constantly. So it’s important to clean winter garments, but how often should you wash scarves, gloves and hats?

According to Real Simple, these things should be washed three to five times a season. The magazine also suggests hand-washing knits and dry cleaning leather gloves and structured hats. Or simply follow the cleaning instructions for each article.

wash scarves

Another important glove tip? Never store them in your coat pocket -- even if it is convenient. "The glove linings get damp from your hand perspiration and need to air out. Otherwise, they could smell like mildew,” Lindsey Wieber Boyd, a cofounder of the Laundress, told the magazine.

If you’re looking for more advice on when and how you should wash your other winter garments, head over to Real Simple.

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