How Successful People Manage to Get Things Done

There are lots of perks that come with being a successful person: money, fame, the feeling that one has achieved the goals he or she has identified. However, road to becoming a successful person is a very bumpy one that can take a lot out of a person. A successful person is also a busy person. There are phone calls to make, meetings to attend and thousands of decisions to stress over. Successful people need to get things done despite the demands on their time. Here's how successful people manage to get thing done even as their lives are incredibly busy.

Using a planner: Successful people make a point of scheduling all of their appointments and meetings into a planner. Successful people know that they cannot depend on memory alone. They mustbe able to recall every single engagement to which they are committed. They know that they must use a planner in order to keep abreast of their appointments and meetings. If you plan on being successful, you must commit to doing the same. Understand that no two of your days are alike and that it is likely that you will have trouble keeping track of your schedules which will include work, family time and other obligations. Seeing your planner will not only help you remember your tasks, but you will be more cognizant of how you spend your downtime.

Utilize a maid service: As a successful person it means that you always have to be on top of the ball. There is little room for you to slack off or attend to other commitments that do not involve work. One of the biggest taxes on our time is doing the household tasks we need to commit to. No one wants to leave a long day at the office only to come home to a dirty house. Filip Boksa, Co-founder of King of Maids says that many successful people rely on maid services, the household duties that they simply do not have time for. Besides being a huge burden that you personally do not have to shoulder, having a clean home is also a mental release on a weary mind. Successful people know what their main priorities are.They know that they do not physically have to clean their own homes in order to be a good parent or partner. They also know that coming home to a clean house is more important than cleaning it themselves.


Telecommuting: Commuting to work every day can be a huge drain on your energy as well as your time. This is especially true when your job does not demand that you are physically in work every single day. For this reason, many successful people choose to telecommute to work occasionally. Telecommuting can save valuable time that would otherwise be spend getting dressed, fixing your hair and makeup and also sitting in traffic to and from work. Telecommuting can help free up those lost hours. You will be able to focus longer in a more relaxed environment. In addition to this, you will encounter fewer distractions with less people around you to demand your attention. This means no unnecessary meetings and no chatty coworkers stopping by to dominate your time.

Learning to say no: There is a time when a person needs to put their foot down and draw the line when it comes to demands on your or your time. Saying yes to every single request is not the way to get ahead in life. Acquiescing to a constant stream of demands does not reduce the number of demands coming in your direction. All it does is increase the number of demands from people who think they have found someone to do all their bidding. Successful people know how toxic this can be and have no illusions that this sort of behavior cannot continue. Everyone needs to learn at some point to just say "no". Surely it will make you a few enemies in the workplace, but in the long run it will allow you to focus more easily on the tasks that are on your plate.

Scheduling Downtime: No one can keep going at 100 percent forever. Everyone at some time needs to get their mind off work and just enjoy some downtime. Continuing at a frenetic pace with no end in sight is no good for anyone, especially you. Successful people are acutely aware of this and make it a point to schedule some downtime. Whether it's taking some time to breathe in between appointments, projects and meetings or it is longer vacation spells, taking some downtime allows you to reassess your previous performance and allows you to regroup for the next. Scheduling some downtime is good for both the employer and the employed and no one should neglect it.

Tackle the most important task first: Successful people learn how to prioritize and learn how to do it consistently. All successful people know that they must tackle the most important item on their to-do lists first. Instead of ticking off items on their lists in the order in which they had been written, successful people identify the tasks which are most critical. These are the tasks which when completed allows them and the people around them to also complete their tasks. Chances are that if a task on your to-do list does not allow you or another individual to build on it, it is not that important and should be lower on the pecking order.

To a large extent, being successful means deciding how you will spend your time. Choosing wisely how you spend your time is one of the most critical and least talked about aspects of success. Every single moment of your day should be accounted for. There should be no accidental downtime. Proper planning should help you spend your time wisely. Getting things done in the most efficient way possible should be the aim of all people seeking to be successful.