How Successful People Quiet the Noise

Noise is fascinating.  The spectrum ranges from noise pollution to beautiful music. Sometimes it can hold us back or help us get through the day.  

It is more productive to take a look at the noise that may hold us back.   This isn't always the noise you may think about;  barking dog, leaf blower, etc.  It is the noise of life that can derail our drive to achieve our goals. 

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple has famously stated that he has taught himself to be better at blocking out the noise.  He has a tremendous amount of noise to block out in his life, and clearly he has been successful in what he does.  Unfortunately, Tim didn't leave us with any of his expert noise blocking tips.  So lets dive deeper, and see what we come up with:

Say "Bye-Bye" to Debbie Downer! 

You don't have time for these negative energy people.  This comes in the form of colleagues, goofballs on social media, the competition and more.  Turn the volume down in this department and you will free up more space in your brain to perform.  Once this skill is mastered, you will unlock huge potential. 


The good news with Meditation is that everyone is qualified!  There are so many forms of meditation.  Pick your flavor, and get started.  This will allow you to clear out and equalize the noise, thus allowing you to perform at a higher level. One of my favorite experts in this field is Dr. Amit Sood of Mayo Clinic .  He focuses on intentional attention and provides strategy that is welcoming and easy to accomplish.

Focus on your goals 

Naturally, by focusing more on your goals, you will see the noise in the periphery start to quiet.  Write your goal(s) down, post it to your computer.  (make sure the goals are attainable)  Know you will attain these goals and visualize the end result on a regular basis. 

Quiet your internal noise 

As much as you need to say "bye-bye" to Debbie Downer, you need to part with your internal noise.  This starts by recognizing that this noise exists.  Accepting it.  Then working to slowly remove it. 

Find a Hobby

You may already have one or many.  However, many of us work so hard, that we find our hobbies are things we "used to do".  If you loved what you did, start it up again.  Pick up that paintbrush or guitar, and have some fun.  Balance is a necessity in the game of life. 

Have Lunch with Winners

You may have heard this very cliche statement before, but it proves to be true.  Winners help to keep your thoughts in line and keep the negative noise at bay.  Find the Winners in your life and hang out with them. 

Are you already an expert at tuning out the noise?  Share your strategies.  Have any of the strategies above worked for you.  Please let us know.  Time for me to shut down the computer, and meditate. 

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