How To Apply Every Type Of Blush (Even The Tricky Liquid Ones)

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When we first saw Scarlett O'Hara pinching her cheeks in "Gone With The Wind" to get that youthful pink glow, we knew blush would be an important part of our beauty regimen... we just didn't know it would be such a tricky step.

These days, there's more than one kind of blush on the market -- there's powder, cream, stick, liquid and stain, to name a few. So how's a girl supposed to know how to properly apply each one? Lucky for us, we got HuffPost Live makeup artist Kari Bauce to teach us simple application techniques for the main types of blushes out there.

Powder Blush: Pound the brush into the palette then tap off excess powder. Start swirling the brush lightly just below your temples until you reach the center of your cheek. Remember: Be as light-handed as possible, since it's much easier to add more color than it is to take it away.
We used: Second Skin Cheek Colour by Laura Mercier

Liquid Blush: Apply two dots of product high up on your cheekbone with your fingers. Use a sponge to blend in swirling motions.
We used: HD Microfinish Blush by Makeup Forever

Cream Blush: Use a flat top round brush and tap into the palette. Apply it very lightly in a swirling motion from your temple to the center of your cheek. Like powder blush, it's important to follow the mantra "less is more."
We used: Convertible Color by Stila

Stain Blush: Apply two dots of product high up on your cheekbone with your fingers. Then, use your fingers to very lightly pat and blend the product. Make sure your skin is moisturized, since this type tends to cling to dry spots.
We used: Posietint by Benefit Cosmetics

Stick Blush: Lightly swipe the product from the center of your cheek to your temple or vice versa. Unlike blush applied with a brush, the color distribution is consistent, so you can choose where you'd like to start applying color. Then, use your fingers to blend the product -- just don't rub too hard, since that will make your cheek appear redder than usual.
We used: The Multiple by NARS

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