How to Create Financial Rebound with Lynn Demmons

How to Create Financial Rebound with Lynn Demmons
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No one is born with knowledge about how to handle money. The way you manage your money was most likely modeled after what you saw happen in your childhood household. If you are not happy with your current financial situation, it is wise to look at making changes to the way you handle the money that you already have. Lynn Demmons of Demmons Enterprise has a complete plan for those who are seeking to create a different outcome.

I asked Demmons, what was the goal for her clients. "Empower women to regain control of their financial life and live life on their terms," she remarked. She has seen many women who seemed to have it "together" in other areas of their lives and yet, did not appear to have a handle on their financial lives. She found it alarming and decided to do something about that.

When asked where her passion come from she said. "The financial illiteracy epidemic reaches across all demographics: men, women, young and old, across racial and socioeconomic lines. The lifespan of a woman continues to outpace that of a man, yet many women are not financially prepared in the event of an emergency as simple as a car repair." During the last recession, it was estimated that people could have saved their homes with as little as an extra $400 a month. Lynn Demmons is committed to teaching women the things they can do to take control of their financial situation and even create a legacy for their children.

"As a woman, it is my duty to not only bring awareness to the epidemic, but it is also my passion to help others see that if I can do this, you can too," says Demmons.

Her mentors include Dave Ramsey, Suze Orman, Robert Kyosaki, and Tony Robbins. "Not to sound cliche but it is a combination of the work these gurus have been doing for many years that has helped me to develop the skills need to live my best life." Demmons has worked to hone her skills to help women create financial certainty. She does not let women off the hook when it comes to personal responsibility. "I tell my clients all the time; you are broke because you chose to be broke. There are so many opportunities at our fingertips that require that we do the work," says Demmons. She has that many women either do not want to put in the work or the don't know how to do that. Lynn Demmons is ready to teach women what they need to do and how to do it.

She sees the biggest problem that people have is their mindset. Demmons believes that many women suffer financially because of mental blocks. She feels they lack confidence in themselves to change their financial future. "Often times women are more focused on the how and not the why. If you understand your why you will be able to see your how," says Demmons. "Clients should understand that perseverance is the key and a growth mindset is imperative for success." No matter how many disappointments clients face, Lynn Demmons encourages them to stay the course and reminds them that they are not limited.

In an effort to create a better you, Demmons Enterprise is focused on finding ways to add more value to lives on a daily basis. Lynn Demmons Be Fearless in Your Finances webinar series can be found here:

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