The Largest Jenga Game Played By Heavy Machinery Is Super Suspenseful (VIDEO)

Jenga is perhaps one of the most suspense-filled games. No matter how much you expect it, the moment the tower crumbles can make you jump.

Now imagine the size of that tower times approximately one cajillion. The suspense factor will magnify in proportion, because the bigger they come, the harder they fall.

Watch what happens when CAT Products creates an outrageously large Jenga set and pits five heavy machines (including excavators and telehandlers) against each other.

We aren't sure whether viewers will be totally impressed or have a heart attack -- or both. Either way, you can't help but admire the operators' insane skills.

According to OEM Off Highway, behind the scenes with CAT, the stack weighed a whopping 8 tons, and each block was sprinkled with wax to allow them to slide more easily.

Now THAT'S a Jenga game.

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