Hulk Statue For Library: Northlake, Illinois Crowdfunding Scheme Has Big Goals

Public Library Wants Hulk Statue

How can you attract more kids to visit the library? How about a nine-foot tall statue of The Hulk? That's what Northlake Public Library in Northlake, IL is trying to get via a crowdfunding campaign on

Of course, they're not just trying to raise money for the statue. The money will also go towards a digital media lab including a 3D printer (as well as more graphic novels on the library's shelves.)

"Just as Bruce Banner transforms into the Hulk, we also feel that a digital media lab will also transform our library and our users," says one of the library's staff in their video.

Among the tiered rewards are a "Get-out-of-fines card" - a reduction in late fines on your account - and a comic-themed library card. What more could the discerning library geek desire? Our favorite, though is probably this reward, available for just $50:

Your child will be picked up in a Northlake fire truck from the Northlake Public Library and be driven to the Northlake Fire Department. Once there, your family can enjoy a pizza party with members of the Fire Department. Must meet at the Northlake Public Library.


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