Interview with 3 Contemporary Rising Psychics

Interview with 3 Contemporary Rising Psychics
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Unlike most life coaches, these counselors are psychic life guidance advisors. they are members of a group of people who have been becoming more and more visible and influential not necessarily based on their own life, business, or organizational skills or expertise, nor based on any motivational and organizational systems they have re-appropriated from predecessors. These individuals gaining standing is based on their purported access to the ethereal or metaphysical as source of personal guidance. Similarly to such figures as renowned Edgar Casey, they dip into a source of knowledge obstructed from most of us.

Edgar Cayce mainly focused on being a Medical Intuitive, there is no limitation for guidance on any particular life facet. Like life coaches, these new psychics are holistic as to what they touch and approach.

This approach is not entirely new, Doreen Virtue greatly popularized the consultative reading or Psychic interaction. Through her “safe” Tarot like card decks, she made the consultative approach accessible to the general public. Since she started her work there has been a considerable growth in this field, and the consciousness around it has been growing and solidifying.

Psychics such as Peter Marks, and Barbara Graver, have been continuing this trajectory, even while Virtue herself has recently somewhat retracted into a more traditional religious stand herself.

I have interviewed three of the faces representing personal psychic guidance. All of them are gaining clientele in some circles based on sheer word of mouth due to their intuitive talents. Their spreading fame speaks for itself. I posed these questions independently to Barbara Graver and Peter Marks, and Ginette Lucas.

Peter Marks is a frequent guest on various radio and TV shows. He is a regular guest on The Joyce Barrie Show - called Joyce Barrie and Friends Radio Program, on BlogTalk Radio (Monday through Friday 11:00 am - 12:00 pm. She offers listeners calling free mini readings by Peter. Reruns are available on BlogTalk Radio. Peter can be found on Facebook here.
Barbara Graver is an intuitive card reader and astrologer in training who offers both local and distance readings via her website, Barbara is the author of the popular metaphysical blog, The Mystic Review (, and has passion for Tarot, medieval history and all things spiritual. She is engaged in Inner Peace, a local North East PA spiritual center, where she has lead workshops on such topics as dreaming as spiritual guidance, and is facilitating a Tarot circle. She is currently working on a couple of books.
Ginette Lucas is known for her forensic psychic work on many police cases, notably the Chandra Levi and the Casey Anthony cases. She is a trained Dowser, which she draws upon to locate people and items. Ginette attributes her psychic abilities to a near death experience. Ginette’s father, incidentally, was a well renowned Dowser and served the Military and US government in that capacity. She herself gained notoriety through her missing persons and missing objects work. Her missing object abilities were tested by the Smithsonian Magazine (Jan 1996 Issue). Ginette has received coverage from CNN, Nancy Grace, NBC, Fox, Japanese TV NHK, Wash., Post, LA Times, Al Jazzeera, and other International media. She has contributed to cases such as NYC Rabbi Friedlander, Ms. Elaine Piersen, Russian Executive Anton Tomazic, all in all about 20 missing person cases. Now she is expanding her practice to work in collaboration with others in the fields of UFO Abduction claims, treasure hunts, ghost investigation cases, and career coaching. Gintte can be found on Facebook here.


Question: What do you believe is the source of guidance you provide to your clientele?

Barbara Graver: I believe that I am intuitively guided by the energy of Spirit. Before every reading I take a moment to center and pray and ask that the information I provide will be helpful and healing to the client.

Peter Marks: I believe the sources are from spirit guides, at the client’s birth, and believe they connect into universal knowledge, and also it comes from the Akashic records. I believe that there is knowledge of the planetary moon and stars placement. I also give interpretations of the planetary signs and positions where the planets are at the time of the client’s birth.

Ginette Lucas: First, and foremost, every psychic has their own perceptions, but my talents come from various psychic abilities. My abilities range from visions (pictures or clairvoyant), clairaudience (hearing), trained in dowsing, clairsentient (feeling and sensing / feeling people's, spirits, and animals emotions), claircognizant (a knowing), dreams, and dream incubation. Additionally, I have had more than one near death experience, and it has offered me insight into helping others, and helping with my life.

Due to my near death experiences, I have also found that it enhanced my ability to communicate with the "other side" or with loved ones passed.

When I use certain talents, I notice various future predictions develop, like my predicting 9/11, which I informed my husband’s office. When I predicted the fall of the Berlin Wall, I was at a Party, along with other predictions, with witnesses. Most witnesses, who have heard my predictions, said I was crazy, and at times, I wondered about my perceptions, and the sources, too.

Question: What, or who, do you believe are Spirit Guides?

Peter Marks: I believe spirit guides are appointed and ascended spirit guide souls. I believe that they are master souls, whom have achieved understanding all spiritual laws. They are also family members or friends, who have passed on. they assist us to move forward to achieve our spiritual growth.

Barbara Graver: I think that there are many different types of spiritual beings. I have had direct experience with departed loved ones, discarnate energies, and higher spiritual beings. In theory any spiritual being can provide guidance though it may not always be a high level sort of guidance.

Ginette Lucas: Well, from my experience spirit guides are an overused title, which has been a repackaged term, for perceptions from our various psychic abilities. I don't explain to people that I use spirit guides. I use information that is straight from perception, or the source, frequently I use the term, "they" say. This info comes from a combination of mental and psychical psychic tools or talents, which I have developed.

But, I will say, and I'd like to compliment some friends, who are A-list Psychics, and an Astrologer, who use what they call spirit guides, and they truly communicate well with these guides, and also offer great predictive information.

When I chat with people who have passed on or who you called died, I call them spirits, but not guides. I am able to communicate with passed on loved ones, or people, or even victims of crime, to obtain information that can be proven. I prefer to prove my forthcoming information accurately, through the predictions outcome.

Question: What are your main concerns when you do a consultative psychic reading for one of your clients, be they high profile celebs, or private people?

Peter Marks: My concern is that the information I am disseminating to the client, is going to provide mental support in a positive, and constructive manner, and that they are psychologically, in a state of mind to accept the information. Additionally, I am concerned that the information given to these clients, are going to offer them a piece of mind, whether they are a Celebrity or a private person.

Barbara Graver: I never want anyone to walk away from a reading feeling in any way disempowered. I make it clear to my clients that the future is fluid and that they are co-creators in everything that happens. I find it concerning when people see the future as something over which they have no control.

Ginette Lucas: Dividing my clientele into numerous categories is difficult but there are billing times that make it more important, when consulting or reading for a client. What I call regular clients, the fee is [lower than that of celebrities]. For example: When I started reading for VIP's and Celebrities, I found I had to divide their acting job as one part of the prediction, and second part, of the predictions, as their actual life journey. For example: I read a woman, who I said "I see you in a blue uniform, but it also has early attire like 1862ish", and I said shortly after that period I see you going on vacation to the Caribbean, but the clothing changes back to today’s bathing suits, and attire. The outcome: the Actress was hired for a civil war movie, as a civil war soldier and a woman in 1862 period clothing. After the Actress finished the movie, she took the Caribbean vacation. So, I do divide them to clarify perceptions.

Question: How do the personal guidance answers appear to you? Is it visual, auditory, implanted thought?

Barbara Graver: I experience guidance visually and through inner voice communication. I also get personal guidance through dreams and synchronistic events. When doing readings, I use tarot and oracle cards to provide a point of focus.

Because I believe that the right cards will appear at the right time, part of my job is to interpret what the cards have to say. Often this interpretation is intuitive however and I often get flashes of insight that have nothing to do with the standard meaning of the cards.

Peter Marks: All the input I receive is multi-faceted: auditory, visual, astrological, and sometimes I receive a scent (like olfactory) for example, perfumes or cologne's.

Ginette Lucas: When perceiving information, there are times, I truly feel as if I have to translate the information to help the client understand, or I have to say "exactly what I am hearing" so that the accuracy of the information is on target. Most of my answers, for my clients come in through an auditory perception with visions, similar to a video. There are times I receive names, street names, and locations, i.e., states / geographic locations, and dates. There are no times, when someone guesses. The accuracy rate will disappear, when someone does that. It is important that if I can't get an answer to a question, I confirm that fact with the client, but I do try to get the information later, and call the client and pass them the correct info.

Question: I noticed you cover a wide area of topics, from business approaches, to health, and personal issues. Are there any topics you noticed is absent from your guiding spirit advice, or are there any issues you prefer not to convey to a client?

Ginette Lucas: Each and every client is different, and comes with their own personal complications, and I try to handle, each of them with kid gloves. Covering the territory of death, for either, the client, their friends, family or loved ones, is one of my uncomfortable areas of predictions, along with discussing cheating spouses, and the outcome of what will happen, to their relationship. Some of my favorite predictions are happy life issues like marriages, babies, new careers, or beginnings. If I have to cover every little detail bad or good for a client, I will deliver the prediction skillfully and lovingly, as not to crush the client. If I feel the client can't handle some of the information, that I perceive, I don't disclose it. The issue of a health problem is an entirely different matter, my accuracy in the health area is very very good, but I inform the client I cannot give diagnosis or treatment, I refer them to a physician. to check out any problem areas.

Barbara Graver: Because I never tell my clients what to do, I am comfortable discussing a wide range of topics. My readings can be helpful in terms of understanding situations, removing possible blockages and arriving at new insights. But I make clear that they are not a substitute for professional advice.

Peter Marks: I do not like to give out medical diagnosis or prognosis. I follow state or federal medical guidelines, and laws, where I give information to be checked out, without giving medical prognosis... I don't like forecasting someone's demise. I do not like to give advice people in the area of divorce, or separation. I have done it, but I don't enjoy being put on the spot... I do it, but I don't like giving information about marital affairs, because it's distressing. I tell my clients I do not profess to be a doctor, healer, or that I do not work in the medical industry. Additionally, my rules are that I do not read for anyone under the age of 21, without a written consent from the parent.

Question: How does it feel to you to be the conduit for guidance? Does it suck energy out of you? Is it energizing? Does it give you a feeling of Euphoria?

Peter Marks: Each reading is physically, psychology, and emotionally draining. I rely on the universe to regenerate, and revitalize my energy level, so yes, I can get drained. Of course each reading is different, but my blood pressure actually rises into what some people call a heavenly knowledge. After readings, I do eat high protein for my being, and I also use sage in the room where I give readings. Afterwards I thank the universe for blessing me, and the client that has come to see me, about their problems and issues. Then, after that communication, I take a walk, and I will sit down and meditate for 20 minutes.

Barbara Graver: In general, I find reading to be a positive and sometimes emotional experience. Because I am very empathetic I connect with some people deeply and in most cases this is a very positive experience. While every client is different, I find that I tend to attract spiritually minded people with a relatively high vibration.

The only time I feel drained is when I do a long day at a very busy psychic fairs or expos – but it usually doesn’t hit me until I get home.

Ginette Lucas: How do I feel about being a conduit, for people and acting as their messenger? When I had my near death experience, I was told my abilities would help people, so I feel confident, that since it has helped me, I can certainly help some people, but not all people. Yet there are times, when I feel frustrated and concerned with my predictions for people.

Sometimes, I have to give them actual warnings. Free will has a major part, in the outcome of their predictions. For example: I told 2 women, who were close friends, to put on their seat belts, or they were doing to die, and this was a very firm warning. The ladies told me that they didn't wear their seat belts. I told them their death was going to happen two (2) times, both in car wrecks, and it was up to them to heed this information. The ladies called me a month later, and told me they were both in deadly car accidents, and they were wearing the seat belts, they told me they took the warning seriously. The Firemen told the ladies, that they would not have survived, had they not worn their seat belts. A full day of clients can drain me, if they are tough clients, and some clients, actually make me sick, so I take the next day off. Radio interviews energize me, while I am using my psychic abilities.

Question: Typically what type of guidance are clients asking for?

Barbara Graver: This is an interesting question. When I first began reading most people wanted to know about relationships, money and career – usually in that order! Over the last few years, however, I have noticed that more and more people are interested in exploring their life path and spiritual and / or creative abilities.

There is less emphasis on fortune telling and more of focus on insight and understanding.

Ginette Lucas: My clients call for any questions, from Ghost Hauntings, or Big Foot, which I refer them to Eric Perry in New England, who has great equipment to get the item on camera, and along with great team members. When my clients ask for career, advice, or relationship advice, I offer a wide range of information to help. Most interesting, when clients won't listen, or I feel they need an additional intuitive second opinion I send them to Peter Marks, the Astrologer, because he is an expert on Astrology. They can match my dates, with Peter's dates, and it helps them keep an eye out for their changes, or ques. Regarding career changes, I help them, but then I can send them off to Joyce Barrie, in Florida, who is an expert on career coaching. Since I can cover so many issues, I take on their Consultation (reading), but I am willing, for example to send Alien or UFO projects to another Psychic, one in NY, and one in Maryland. Regarding my criminal case work search and rescue, or extensive entertainment issues (like the music industry or sports) I send people to Big Jim Napier, in TN, he handles both fields professionally. Treasure Hunting and Oil, Archeological location projects, are a team grouping of professionals, and are selected by specific needs. In this field, it is no different than a stock broker, team players, are important to deliver a higher quality of service.

Peter Marks: I get calls about compatibility, with relationships, money issues, and I also get questions about infertility. I get questions from people, who have just had a baby, and they want to know information about the baby's future. Career questions, are pretty standard. I am also get asked, if their chart or guides can give information about their mental state of being, i.e., depression, bi-polar, etc. Every once in a while, I will get questions on relocating, and the new location. People also want to know if their birth charts are compatible with their city or state. Another big question, is not only money issues, but on wanting to find out if they have lucky aspects in their chart, to hit the lottery, or even casino gambling. The reason people call me, about gambling, is that I offer astrological times, and dates people should go buy lottery tickets, and gamble at casino's to increase their chance of winning. I also inform people that they have a gambling problem, and I tell them that their chart states that it is self-destructive. Sometimes, I even get calls about people's pets, and even the departed pets.

Question: Do you see yourself as a clairvoyant? Is the guidance you communicate mostly predictive or is it more suggestive?

Peter Marks: I don't like to label myself, as a clairvoyant, because it limits my talents answers. I consider myself a child of God, delivering information, similar to a spiritual advisor, but I also combine, my astrology skills. My work is all three, past, present, or future, client information, absolutely no guesses or suggestions. I do not limit myself with the information.

Ginette Lucas: In the field of Paranormal, I typically get called a Forensic Psychic and Dowser (as seen in the interview written about by Author Jack Hope, in the Smithsonian Mag., Jan. issue 1996). My additional training came from my father, Louis Matacia, on dowsing, and from the American Society of Dowsers, who also teach various Dowsing Classes. I first started out as a "kid" psychic, using a deck of cards, and sometimes, Tarot cards, but I truly enjoy using my dreams, to obtain information, for my clients, for any topic, especially my criminal case work. There have been clients calling for reading tea leaves, recently. Last I do tell people, that I do give suggestions, based on the information I receive, and that it's up to them to move forward, backwards, or get additional help, for the their future success.

Barbara Graver: I believe that we are all clairvoyant as our ability to dream clearly shows. I do experience visions and will sometimes get visual impressions while reading. But I mostly rely on intuition or inner voice communication.

In my perspective, highly predictive readings are, at their core, profoundly disempowering. While I do interpret the energy of the future, I will never say that something is impossible. What I will say is that a given result may not be worth the cost.

I want my clients to leave a reading knowing that the real power lies within. My job is to give them the tools they need to use that power in the best way possible.

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