‘It’s all just a game and starting my own Gallery is the way that I respond to this great game’ - Michael Andrew Law

‘It’s all just a game and starting my own Gallery is the way that I respond to this great game’ - Michael Andrew Law
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As an inquisitive young lady I do wonder what those who keep galleries do with them and what satisfaction they derive from them. Indeed my curiosity was satisfied when I had a conversation with Micheal Andrew Law an artist and a gallerist. Here are some of the answers my curiosity got me. Enjoy!

<p>Michael Andrew Law at work in his studio</p>

Michael Andrew Law at work in his studio

Michael Andrew Law

What inspired you to start a gallery?

I refuse to believe I am not the best at what I do. Ten years ago if someone told me I would become an art dealer or Gallerist I’ld say he’s out of his mind because I used to be one of those artists who believe that focusing all their time making works and joining all those group shows, exhibitions, and then one day magically there would be a big time dealer or curator that would pick me and take me to the big shows or galleries and then I’d be the next big thing - it does happen to once a while though but in most cases things don’t really happen that way.

The art world is always a very secretive socialite and it’s worked well this way for many years. There are so many questions you will never ever have a simple straight answer to. I used to read a lot of books, go to seminars and then one day I read a book by Murakami Takashi , then I finally saw the truth, it’s all just a game and starting my own Gallery is the way that I respond to this great game. The Gallery was originally just for marketing my own works , but recently I also work as a dealer with other artist from around the world. I help show their works to the Hong Kong audience .

What’s the most challenging aspect of running a gallery?

Keeping in touch with my collectors and helping the audience understand the meaning of the works are quite challenging. Coupled with the fact that I still paint and make works everyday. On the busiest days with only a little time to spare I still would try to make something, because above all I am an artist.

Do you give back to the community with arts, how?

I always love to participate, art is the only thing I know how to communicate with so I donate my works for

charity auctions and curate art events that help people feel happy about themselves. Staging these shows is my way of giving back to the community. I worked with a couple of local colleges like Diocesan Boys' School in Hong Kong with their art event/art mentoring project.

How do you showcase your works to your collectors?

Back then before I had my own gallery, I would just ask collectors/friends to my studio regularly and give them a private touring in my studio to see my new works, so I learned pretty quickly what to do to survive with my art. Sometimes I also give my collector/friends small artist talks because stories and history is the most important part of my art. They support my art through our gallery’s membership subscription program, its a business model developed for directly communicating with my collectors-friends .

Share a life changing lesson you learnt keeping a gallery:

One vital lesson I learnt is to appreciate everyone, artist or not.

What would you ask millennials in the field to do better?

I would say millennials should not take anything in arts for granted.

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