Even Jay Z Completely Forgot About Tidal's Existence

What's Tidal, again?

You already knew that just about nobody cares about Tidal -- a music streaming service by the rich and famous, but for nobody -- and now you can add its founder to that apathetic list. 

While testifying at the "Big Pimpin'" trial -- where he and producer Timbaland are accused of using an uncleared music sample by Egyptian composer Baligh Hamdi -- Jay Z had to admit he'd completely forgotten about the existence of Tidal.

Jay Z's lawyer asked him to list what he does as a professional, to which the person who until that moment was presumably the one human to have strong feelings about Tidal responded:

"I make music, I'm a rapper, I’ve got a clothing line, I run a label, a media label called Roc Nation, with a sports agency, music publishing and management. Restaurants and nightclubs ... I think that about covers it."

Then, Jay Z's lawyer asked, "I’m not so sure. You have a music streaming service [Tidal], don’t you?"

Jay Z had to backtrack and said, "Yeah, yeah. Forgot about that."







"Yeah, yeah. Forgot about that," Jay Z said, and never forget it.

Should Jay Z have remembered the existence of Tidal? Would you ever pay $19.99 per month for music in 2015? If the experience of hanging out with a large group of A-list celebrities on a stage doesn't matter enough to remember, does anything matter? Are we all doomed to eventually forget even our most arguably notable moments? If you stream everything, what do you even really have?   

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