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Jessica White Gets Anger Management, Community Service & Fine After Assault Charges

Model Jessica White has had her day in court.

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit stunner was arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault back in October, after allegedly attacking a woman, Vanessa Kia, outside of a Manhattan nightclub. In March, White and her then-lawyer Mark Heller rejected a plea deal, turning down two days of community service, two days of anger management and $446.96 in restitution.

At the time, Heller claimed that surveillance tapes show that White "did absolutely nothing wrong. [Kia] threw herself at [White's] group, and started pushing and fighting with them....She recognized she was Jessica White, and was shouting, 'You're a celebrity. I'm going to take you down.'"

White went before a judge on Wednesday, who ordered her to pay $490 (for Kia's emergency room bill), perform three days of community service and attend two days of anger management classes, the New York Daily News reports. All charges will be dropped, provided she isn't arrested again in the next six months.

David Smith, the attorney who accompanied White to court, told the Daily News, "It is not an admission of my client's guilt. This case will now correctly end in a complete dismissal."

White, for her part, seemed ecstatic. She told the New York Post, "Of course, I'm extremely excited with [the result]....It really weighed on me heavily since October," adding, "For my birthday, Russell [Simmons] paid for meditation classes. He's one of my greatest supporters and pushed me into humanitarian work. I don't have anyone around me that's not spiritual."

Along with the meditation -- and anger management -- classes, and community service, White will also be penning a book. Read more about that here.

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